100,000 Hits Mark Passed!



After only 2 months of existence, The Unconventional Wit surpassed the symbolic mark of 100,000 Hits! This is an incredible achievement for any new blog, especially in such a short timeframe and, even though I’m not privy to general trends in traffic statistics, I can say this makes this site one of the fastest growing so far!

I didn’t foresee this popularity level and I must admit that I’m humbled by all visitors and readers who relentlessly leave comments here and also email me privately. I’ve received numerous questions about various subjects, ranging from myself, the economy, social issues to mere day-to-day topics.

I’ll attempt briefly to summarize my answers as follows:

  • I lead a hectic life as most of you and this blogging activity is not a full-time function for me, so please be patient when expecting private replies.
  • On my thinking: My analysis is unconventional in the sense that I look at topics differently than major media outlets and I try to chase unlikely trails when reviewing topics. Financial folks call that approach “contrarian”. I’m fine with criticism but I advise reader discretion when visiting the site.
  • On politics: I’m not a politician stricto sensu in that I’m not a stalwart activist of any partisan ideology. Left, Right, Center, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Independent – I don’t clog my thinking in any partisan cluster because I believe that life is more complex than a party and cannot be addressed with a single ideology. Generally, my political views vary depending on the topic.
  • On business and society: I look at these two topics in tandem with geopolitics and this is my primary passion. Any story is analyzed through the geopolitical prism.
  • On the site bilingualism: I usually write articles in French or English depending on the topic and the available supporting literature. I do not use search engine translation so you can expect the same level of rhetoric when reading the translated version.
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