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Thank you for stopping by.

The fundamental values that bring us together, including equality, quest for happiness, human solidarity and freedom of speech are our concrete foundation. Everyday, there are scores of events that make up headlines and leave us with a feeling of despair and powerlessness, sometimes indifference.

The good news is that there exists an alternative option to this reality. With a good mastery of the elements that govern our existential circumstances, we can make the best choices for ourselves, our communities, and the world. This blog was created to continue the social discussion needed for major contemporary topics, in a move that will help us understand the latter.

The increased interest generated by this blog exceeded my expectations, and this dedication motivates me to constantly improve this platform. This site is bilingual and I’ll strive to post articles in both languages. I thank you all for your numerous comments, your steadfast support and countless suggestions you’ve sent me. I’ll continue to happily respond to each of your messages. For convenience, I’ll urge to post future comments on the site to allow a better follow-up and increased exchange with other readers.

I urge you also to post your own questions to the site so other readers can comment on them.

Happy debating!

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