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Goodbye Haiti, Hello Chile!

Back in January, we wrote about the risks surrounding financial assistance to Haiti in the wake of its earthquake if the international media turned their emotional eyes to other directions or upon the occurrence of another terrestrial catastrophe.

Now that we see the calamity in Chile and its deleterious consequences on the country’s infrastructures and the ineffable death toll, the concern is even higher that two countries in a relatively similar geographical zone will fight for limited aid resources.

The international community and donors in the North should forget neither country.

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian in High School?

It’s pretty interesting lately to see that the blogosphere is abuzz with pictures of both celebrities reportedly taken while they were in high school. The question many bloggers ask is whether the public needs to know that our divas did indeed graduate from high school. Or more importantly, what can be revealed as far as their prior behavioral trait in their teen years?

Another question is whether the picture leak was systematically staged by both stars as a way to get back in the news.

All this is ongoing when millions are dying in Chile and Haiti….

Olympics Closing: Wonderful Vancouver

The Closing Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics at BC Place drew the usual tens of millions of viewers and replenished for some time municipal and corporate coffers in the Canadian province.

Many countries participated, including top contenders USA, Russia, Germany, and Canada. Not to mention a surprising team from South Korea. Similar to previous editions, this year saw a massive presence of athletes from the northern hemisphere and a scarce showing of their southern hemisphere’s counterparts.

Olympics officials need to broaden the field professionally and technically if the competition is to survive financially in the near future. Talks are already ongoing about the possible cancellation of Women’s Hockey games due to poor performance.

Eyes will now turn to the next edition in Russia. It’d be interesting to see how profitable the Canadian organization turned out to be and how Olympics officials will thoroughly review the next game logistics, especially amid the current economic crisis.