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Illuminati Freemasons: A new world order. Really?

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The fascinating news item captivating audiences the world over this week is the (supposed) new world order that ‘Illuminati Freemasons’ are indeed pushing for. Many conspiracy theorists and those who share their views tend to believe that events such as the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers were part of that paradigm.  What’s the real truth to this?

The truth, or at least part of it, is that Freemasons have existed and still do exist, as an organization aimed at forwarding their views and ethos, part of which might be the control over world events. Does that make more “evil” or suspicious than other religious, political, or multinational groups or lobbies?

Contrary to popular belief, politicians seek to maintain or restore the status quo once they’re elected. That thinking pattern assures them reelection and tend to prolong their tenure in power. Absent a crisis, they’re very reluctant to act on big patterns. Thus, they spend most of their political mandates consolidating their political networks and power sharing agreements with fellow politicians, via established groups or communities. Is Barack Obama a freemason as recent articles have suggested? If yes, how long has he been a member thereof?


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